Sunday, 30 January 2011

My Sightseeing Tour Through Berlin!

Berlin was such a beautiful city to visit during Berlin Fashion Week. You could feel the spirit and celebration of Fashion Week as you walked through the shopping area of the city. From the cobble stone streets to the exquisite architecture of the buildings it was all a breathtaking experience for me and the perfect place to take lots of pictures! For my sigh-seeing tour through Berlin I wore a faux fur coat, knee-high boots and my favourite tinted sunglasses.

Beautiful day in Berlin

A high rank official being escorted by the Polizei. Was it President Sarkozy perhaps?

The trees even posed for a picture!

Passing by the Berlin Fashion Week tents
Berlin street performer

Love the ancient architecture

Standing by the Berlin Wall
The Berlin wall had such interesting designs

Fellow HUGO BOSS reporter Joyce checking her i-Phone. How fabulous is her outfit?

Florian and I posing by the Berlin wall

Beautiful architecture. I wonder how old these buildings are?

Store front display: "We love Berlin Fashion Week!"

Having a blast!

Loved the European stop sign man!

Another store window displays a Berlin Fashion Week poster