Monday, 17 January 2011

Stylist Of The Week: Isobel Kershaw Question Responses! was very excited to feature our second stylist of the week Isobel Kershaw this past Tuesday. Isobel was happy to answer all of your style, career and date night outfit questions!

Question: love the thick black zipper on the VB dress, i saw one similar on a tv show i watch regularly! is this a new trend to be on alert for?

Isobel: The VB dress is fab and even Danni Minogue was wearing it on the front of Marie Claire this month! Visible zips have been a very strong trend for the AW 2010 season, however we are going into a new season now where they are not so prevalent. When looking for a great party dress , ensure that it works for your body shape and that you FEEL fab as well as look good, that way you will carry it off to perfection!

Question: Can you wear stylish boots to an interview if it's really cold out or should you always stick with office heels?

Isobel: The type of footwear you can wear to an interview will depend on the company and job you are going for, to some extent. Your shoes are an expression of your personality and so whilst you want to show individuality, you don't want to come across as not conforming to dress code. The best way to dress for success is to check if there is a dress code and that way you will ensure that you will feel uber confident when you enter the room. All that said, there are many stylish business like boots which would be perfectly acceptable, ensure that the toe is feminine and the heel is slim, that way, the boot look will look as professional as a court.

Question: what are some good date night outfit ideas?

Isobel: date night outfits -well where do we start? If you want to impress for a long term relationship ,ensure the look is feminine, easy on the eye and approachable with out being too sexy - leave that until the 3rd date! I would advise using colour instead of black, don't show too much cleavage or leg and check out the venue so you know how much to dress up or down.Ask a friend to check your outfit to ensure you are projecting the right look as it's so important, as we make an impression of someone in 8 seconds based on how they look. Hair , natural makeup and a confident smile are also key, so Happy dating!

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