Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Stylist Of The Week: Isobel Kershaw

"Meet Isobel, the second artistspringboard.com stylist extraordinaire.
Isobel is a Celebrity Stylist and is Head of Styling for NHJ Style Consultancy and Head of Training for NHJ Style Academy and through www.nhjstyle.com you can find a luxury style service, London personal shopper, and fashion advice on what to wear.  

Get to know Isobel a little better through our brief interview with the Style Queen.

1. Please tell artistspringboard.com readers a little bit about your
story and how you got into Personal styling?

I have been in the fashion industry for over 20 years now, having done a BA degree in Fashion and Textiles, I worked for many fashion designers here and in Madrid, before joining Harrods and entering into
the world of Retail Management. Having achieved executive management I went on to become Head of Retail for an evening wear company and then promoted to Product Director. Whilst it was a fabulous role, I decided to start my own business as a Personal Stylist in order to achieve a better work life balance. I have to say though that as I am so passionate, it has become a bit of a 24/7 career. I joined forces with NHJ Style in 2004 and am now Head of Styling and Training at NHJ Style.

2.  How would you define your personal style? 
My personal style is stylishly edgy, sophisticated and current and I use my job as an excuse to push the boundaries. From school age I was always reinventing my uniform so that I had an individual look.

3. Can you describe what you’re wearing at the moment?
I am wearing a Ted Baker silk print short dress in yellow and black, a Zara Black tux style jacket, red opaque’s and R&B black patent ankle boots.

4.  Which items should a women splurge on and which ones should she
save on?

A woman must always have a designer bag as it can make any outfit look stylish and expensive. She should save on the accessories as they are more of a trend item which will update a look for the season.

5. Ever get a style question that has totally stumped you? What was it?
I have been told that I am an encyclopaedia of Fashion and have been in the business so long that I ought to be! I really can’t remember the last time I couldn’t answer a style question, but don’t test me , I’m sure I will get stumped at some point.

6. Who are your style icons?
I have to say I really like Danni Minogues style and having borrowed a few VB dresses for a client last week, I love her collection which is an extension of her style.

7. What's the best fashion advice you've ever gotten and who was it

Nicky Hambleton- Jones has always encouraged me to embrace colour and print, and so this season in particular, I have at least 3 colourful print dresses in the wardrobe which I love! My colleague Kate has just told me I need a pair of  Hunter wellys as I live in the country, however, this is not an item I feel enthusiastic to buy and therefore will suffer the fields in wedge boots if I need to!

8. What three must have items do you think every woman should have in
her closet?
High heels
– they just finish off an outfit perfectly.
Good underwear – I am always correcting a woman’s bra size as 90% of
them are in the wrong one!
LBD – ensure it is a flexible dress and it doesn’t need to be black,
but it should make you feel fantastic and should be able to go to any

9. What are some important fashion rules that all men should live by?
Again good underwear is key, especially if it is being shown off with the dropped jeans look.
Colour – many men just stick to blue, grey and black in their wardrobe, so be adventurous and add a splash of pink or purple.Throw away any novelty items whether they are ties or underpants –
women don’t find them funny! A woman will often judge a man on his shoes – so think about that before you buy your next pair of trainers or crocs!

10. Can you give some good style tips on dressing for the holiday

Dressing up for those Christmas parties can be great fun for some but daunting for others and so here are a few tips to help you feel more confident –Start by investing in some Spanx!! These are knickers by the way, and I recommend the power panty to give you a smooth silhouette. I know they aren’t the sexiest of underwear choices but no one will know you are wearing them.Alot of party dresses are quite revealing and so it is sometimes abit daunting to show white flesh in the middle of winter. I would suggest a fake tan spray, you will feel wonderfully bronzed and it gives the illusion of looking slimmer.So onto the dress – make sure it works for your body shape and that it is sexy but not too revealing. It helps if it is versatile so that you
can wear it again with different accessories and make it look completely different. Trousers are big in eveningwear, and if you are looking to be on trend before the trend go for a very wide feminine leg style. On the more casual end you can vamp up your skinny jeans with a stylish pair of colourful heels, pull out a summer sequin top and finish with a tux style jacket and some bling and you will rock Rock Chick.

If you have any burning style questions that you want Isobel to answer please send in your comments!

Styling by Isobel Kershaw: 
Katie Piper on her way to  an awards ceremony wearing a VB dress from the
 AW2010 collection