Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Meet Alexis Knox: Our First Fashion Stylist Of The Week!

"Meet Alexis, the first artistspringboard.com stylist extraordinaire. Alexis is a Celebrity Fashion Stylist and as well as working for big clients like The Clothes Show, BBC, ITV, Diesel, Firertrap and Channel 4. Alexis is the Fashion Editor for Notion Magazine, a super hip bi-monthly globally distributed fashion and music magazine.

Get to know Alexis a little better through our brief interview with the Style Queen.

1. Please tell artistspringboard.com readers a little bit about your story and how you got into fashion styling?
I graduated 4 years ago, after studying Illustration in an art school in Oxfordshire. I knew i needed to make a swift move to East London where i decided to pimp mysef around in as many creative fields as possible. I held exhibitions of my art works, continued with my successful vintage clothing business i had been running part time during my degree , did writing as well as assisting in television production,  and the fashion industry. Being  a fashion assistant took off the most and before i knew it i was a stylist and Fashion Editor.

2.  How would you define your personal style?
I would like to say I'm more interested in having a sense of style than being fashionable. i find 'fashionable' one of the most uninspiring ideas ever. I think coming from such a heavy art back ground the idea of fashion has never really pushed my buttons. for me i see styling as a medium in which to create a bigger picture, a fantasy world and a sense of escapism.

3. Can you describe what you’re wearing at the moment?
I am wearing Viktor and Rolf boots, Kokon to Zai leggings, a t shirt by Long Clothing and a hooded sweatshirt/ cape by 'I Am Generic' ...all black.

4.  Which items should a women splurge on and which ones should she save on?
Definitely splurge on shoes, a handbag and a coat. As these are items you use day in day out. They become your signature and you bond with those items. So it needs to be something long lasting which you love. Um i would save on.....um.....um......

5. Ever get a style question that has totally stumped you? What was it?
Yeah, what not to splash out on wardrobe wise... hold on! tights, don't bother wasting money on plain black tights. though i love Falke tights....so ...um....

6. Who are your style icons?
Eurgh i hate this question too.i like to see people as inspiration and certainly not icons, but my grandad was a pretty rad dresser. he taught me never to  have your sleeves too long and always dress for business. he always wore a hat and a tie and was a very successful man.

7. What's the best fashion advice you've ever gotten and who was it from?
My grandad for sure, not sure if it was his line but he told me....  His phrase was 'if you wanna get ahead get a hat and if you gonna get a hat get a head...' Smart words.

8. What three must have items do you think every woman should have in her closet?
A fierce pair of black wedges... comfortable and make your legs look super long when your wear those cheap black tights. it doesn't matter if the ladder easily...as that's hot right now ;) A Kokon to Zai dress. As guaranteed it will be a conversation starter. A Kigu... i have an all in one tiger romper suit... because clothes are just clothes and are made to make you happy.

9. What are some important fashion rules that all men should live by?
Don't try too hard.its just not hot.

10. Can you give some good style tips on dressing for the holiday season?
yes its has to have either a tree/raindeer/tisel on it.... preferably knitted.

If you have any burning style questions that you want Alexis to answer please send in your comments and she'll  be very happy to answer!

Editorial Styling by Alexis Knox

Editorial Styling by Alexis Knox

Editorial Styling by Alexis Knox

Editorial Styling by Alexis Knox