Thursday, 16 December 2010

Stylist Of The Week: Alexis Knox Question Responses! was very excited to feature our first stylist of the week Alexis Knox this past Tuesday. Alexis was on hand to answer all of your style and career questions for the week. On behalf of and Alexis we hope you have a very stylish holiday season!
Question: What’s the best hot trend to wear this winter?

Alexis: I'm a big fan of fake fur...I love big fake fur hats as they can be really glamorous. But as soon as the fur begins to look dodgy-chuck it out!

Question: I'm a big fan of your work! Can you give me some advice on what to do when I graduate?

Alexis: Many thanks! As all creative industries are, fashion is equally competitive. My best advice would be to get your CV together outlining any previous experience you've had, but keep it brief, and apply for internships and assistant roles

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