Monday, 13 December 2010

Men’s Holiday Gift Idea: i-Pad Suit

Mohan's Custom Tailors based out of NYC has a suit customization option for the i-Pad lovin’ business man. They’ve created a custom pocket in their tailored suits to seamlessly fit in the i-Pad. The suit retails for around $600 and looks very well done in the sense that you won’t look like you have a bulky object protruding from you. The suit pocket seems like it protects the i-Pad very well and overall it looks just like a normal suit. This would make a great holiday gift for the every day business man who’s constantly running in and out of meetings.
When asked why they’ve chosen to make such a suit in the first place Mohan’s responded with "the suit was made as a result of customer requests.” This is a great example of how the clothing industry is meeting the needs of the ever evolving technology industry.

What do you guys think of a line of i-Pad friendly winter coats next?

Mohan's custom i-Pad suit