Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Chanel | Paris Haute Couture Fall 2010

Karl Lagerfeld is a greatly admired man, not only for his eponymous brand which has proved successful time and time again but also for his brilliant endeavours with Chanel. As their creative director it is his job to ensure diversity and tradition remain hand in hand when creating the fashion heavyweight's next fabulous line of finery. In Chanel's Autumnal collection, Lagerfeld has managed exactly that. With undertones of the gothic and medi-evil, Chanel have created a line which fuses large body pieces with royal colours. The 2010 Chanel Fall collection is simply beautiful, it manages large folds and cuts with ease and channels the female silhouette into a set of wonderful slim hourglass shapes. Karl Lagerfeld said the reoccurring theme of the lion was inspired by the house’s late founder, who was born in August under the sign of Leo, a niche and gorgeous touch to a collection holding so much more than it's rivals.

- George Harman