Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Clothes Show London

"Some people believe the world of fashion to be shallow, when in fact it is very deep and the deeper you go, the better you become" - Christian Dior

What an important quotation when observing the brilliant talent at this years CSL. The designers taking centre stage were Alice Vandy, Britt Beale and Leah Hartnell and by the looks of things they managed to do a sterling job. The deeper these designers travel into the fashion cosmos the better, they are all wonderfully creative and talented individuals.

Unfortunately I could not attend the Clothes Show London, but have had a fantastic second hand run-down of the event and more importantly, our fantastic designers.

Alice Vandy's work was very well received, her individual style was key as was her ambition with her work being showcased in three scene crossing from Tokyo to Rome. Well done Miss Vandy.

Britt Beale's eccentric and varied enthusiasm for all things British was a brilliant addition to the showcase. Beale's work is riddled with classic British connotations from the drummer boy to her gorgeous decorative carousel horse design.

Leah Hartnell's passion for gorgeous femininity oozes from her garments. They all revolve around the use of delicate laces, silks and delicate crystal beading. Very chic, very pretty and very well done.

Leah Hartnell

The work from all three designers was a massive success. Designer collections from Fred Perry, Jaeger, Hobbs and Levis were all also on show, Alice Vandy, Britt Beale and Leah Hartnell's work stood extremely proud next to these fashion heavy weights. Congratulations to all three for their magnificent work.

- George Harman