Thursday, 15 July 2010

Morning Beauty | Natalia Vodianova by Mario Testino

When I first starting paying attention to significant editorials from the best magazines across the world it was evident that in order for an "edit" to be successful, it had to offer it's reader real class and true quality.

In this July 2007 issue of Vogue(US), Mario Testin manages to bring that iridescent beauty of the 30's,40's and 50's out of the black and white and into technicolour for us all enjoy. His editorial is named "Morning Beauty", a menagerie of beautifully feminine pictures illustrating the gorgeous nature of Natalie Vodianova in thee most surreal setting.

In terms of seasonal trends, the pictures hold little value yet their timelessness makes them special, so much so, I have decided to set my background as image number 3. Each image tells a pretty tale of love, fortune, wealth and of course; fashion.
Bravo Mario Testin.

- George Harman