Tuesday, 9 March 2010

The Monday Mix-up

Gorgeous and grungy!

The internet is a wonderful thing, until it breaks and frustrates you until no end. Hence why my Monday Mix-up is a little late. Anyway, this weeks outfit is a neat combo covering the rocker styling of Mr Lagerfeld and the classic Belstaff jacket design i love. Accompanied by a cheap and chic pair of relaxed platform heels from Schuh and the 603’s from Levis, the look is one suitable for most occasions. Although fairly basic, the combination is one of correct colour usage and well cut lines producing a sexy, grungy outcome.

Personally, I am gutted the t-shirt isn’t a mans because the print of Karl Lagerfeld’s is seriously cool. In fact, I put it to any one to find a cooler print than the eccentric fashion maestro himself. To finish the look, i thought i would pay homage to Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland by adding a cute little madhatters watch pendant i found in Accessorize. The film is sure to insight a tonne of Alice-based editorials and soon enough, I will cover them with great pride. I am a very big Burton fan.

- George Harman