Friday, 5 March 2010

Friday, for him.

A good combination, day & night.

I would like to think Friday for him as a succinct guide for any man’s weekend. A weekly collection of quality clobber, from bags to rags, I will try my best to show the most exciting high-street purchases. Meaning, smooth style without the heart-stopping price tag – ideal. Above is the first instalment, a fusion of urban wear and classic tailoring. Something which All Saints seems to specialize in, even if their quality of clothing is decreasing. I wanted to give an array of options to any readers, so here are a few items ready for purchase from various outlets.

Soft tones of brown and grey mean a flexible outfit wearable at both night and day. The jacket is a must, if you don’t already own a quality blazer than go out right now and buy. Vintage Jaegar jackets are a sure bet for quality stitching, dye and fit – trust me these attributes in modern men’s clothing are rare. Topman clothing is notoriously dodgy, in it’s pricing and quality but this t-shirt is great. Lovely design and 100% organic cotton, win-win. A well made belt is priceless and this one is my own, i have had it for some time now and it’s still holding it’s shape nicely. Sounds a little pedantic but if you care about your look, then you will know where i am coming from. Swapping the whites and greys from the torso, moving down to the subtle cream on these Full Circle trousers, onto the Timberland classic boat shoes. Perfect for summer, perfect for sun. I love them. Do not trust the cheaper canvas type, you must buy good leather and forget socks, they look better without. The look is not revolutionary, it wont make you a superstar but you will look seriously trend aware, suave and ready for a sunny good day about the town or a great night on the tiles.

- George Harman