Friday, 12 March 2010

Friday, for him.

Comfortable, relaxed but still in the cool

I was going to dash together a seriously stylish and formal get-up for today’s “Friday, for him”. The only reason why I did not was because if my little trip to London on Tuesday taught me anything, it’s that sometimes comfortability is an important factor to remember. Hence the use of these lovely linen chinos from Full Circle, providing style and ease. The Vans are great, so great in fact I may just order some for myself. I’m really lovely the chukka boot style, it’s a must buy purely for their versatility; they go with everything.

A large collection of eclectic t-shirts is something most men should have. Black, brown, white etc. a well designed t-shirt always sets an outfit apart from the rest and this LRG tee is a perfect example. Finishing the look is a nifty, digitally printed Diesel scarf, a matching and classic belt from Diesel again and a sleek khaki coat from Uniqlo. Finally there is the Fred Perry barrel bag, to comfortably carry all your necessities, unlike me who happened to think a battered old suitcase would do the job. Until the masking tape holding it together starting to snap… never good.

- George Harman