Thursday, 3 March 2011

Origami Hat + Shoulder Padded Shirt: NY Fashion Week Tent Style

This season at New York Fashion Week I had the pleasure of meeting a fellow journalist named Hoda Salameh owner of a site that offers various fashion services. As we were standing on line waiting to get tickets for a fashion show we struck up a conversation about our style which subsequently led to each of us taking a picture of the other for our fashion work. What I love most about Hoda’s style is how unconventional each piece of her outfit is. For starters her hat which was strategically placed on the side looked just like an origami piece! The hat set the stage for the look which was completed with a white shoulder padded shirt, black dress pants and cute little red clutch. The colour scheme of her outfit palette was very classic. As we were leaving a show we got our picture taken by the lovely Spiro Mandylor, a fashion writer of Stayed tuned to upcoming posts where I describe my inspiration for my look below! 

What do you guys think of her style?
Photo credit: Spiro Mandylor