Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Herchcovitch;Alexandre Fall/Winter 2011 | New York Fashion Week

Alexandre Herchcovitch's Fall/Winter 2011 collection was inspired by images of violent forces of nature, incorporating contrasting textures and surfaces whilst experimenting with form, shape and fabric manipulation.
Alexandre took his inspiration from volcanic rocks, magma, and rock sediment and juxtaposed yellow lace exploding out of delicate cracks on black wool and astrakhan through complex constructions that resemble magma making its way through stone.

Stand out pieces included the above dress with the yellow lace hood and sheer black lace mid-section. I’ve seen quite a lot of hooded dresses and sheer mid-sections on the runways this season for Fall 2011. The combination of these hot trends really makes this piece stand out. In a mostly black collection the occasional splashes of yellow really grabbed attention.

 Interesting fabric combinations like silk chiffon and aged silk were used alongside cashmere and laces. The main colours, in keeping with the theme of intensely violent and forceful nature were black, grayscale, and brimstone yellow.