Monday, 21 February 2011

Wearing My Lady Gaga Dress To New York Fashion Week

This season for New York Fashion Week I was privileged to wear a stunning Lady Gaga-esque dress by a UK designer called Saffron Knight who is currently selling on The moment I saw the dress a few months I knew I had to wear it to NY Fashion Week. If you recall I was so enamoured by the dress that I blogged about it back in November. Luckily I was in London a few weeks ago and had a chance to pick it up.

Last week when it came time to finally wear it to NY Fashion Week I was beyond excited! The moment I put it on I felt like a powerful woman with a little bit of mystery. As I was walking to the Fashion Week tents I was excited to see what my fellow fashion peers would think of the dress. Before I got a chance to enter the tents it became clear that people were loving it! I was stopped by a Czech TV news reporter who was curious about my dress. As I was doing the interview I tried to highlight the interesting parts of dress like the fact that the enlarged skirt sides are actually really big pockets! (I took full advantage of the amble pocket space by putting in my cell phone, camera and wallet.)

After the interview I entered the tents and it felt like everyone just stopped what they were doing to look at me. At first I felt a little self conscious but was quite reassured once the paparazzi lined up to take my picture. I was honoured to be photographed by top photo agencies such as among others. My fellow fashion peers were also equally impressed with my dress and it became quite the conversation starter!

Corey Haim once said “You are what you wear. I wear something different everyday.” It’s very interesting how the clothes we choose to wear really mould us into different characters. Wearing this dress by Saffron Knight made me feel like a princess or as one fashion go-er described me as "looking like Marie Antoinette!”

How would you guys describe my look?

Posing for a full camera shot during my interview

Waiting to be interviewed by Czech TV

Talking about the great pocket space!

Waiting on line for the Carlos Miele Fall 2011 Fashion Show

Waiting for the Carlos Miele show to start

Posing by the Mercedes Benz

Another shot by the lovely Mercedes

Close up!

Posing by the TREsemme Hair Salon

Let my hair down to change up the look but I think it looked better up for this dress. What do you guys think?
Another shot of the hair down look