Sunday, 27 February 2011

Vacca Fall/Winter 2011 | New York Fashion Week

The Vacca Fall/Winter 2011 collection presented during New York Fashion Week was mostly a mix between jackets and printed paisley dresses. The colours were very reminiscent of Fall with a mix between reds, browns, greys, and black. The most memorable part of this collection was the addition of the paisley print. The prints were so romantic and almost reminded your of old European paintings. They really made the collection stand out against the solid coloured pieces that were more prevalent this season.

Julie Vacca the designer of the brand describes her inspiration for the VACCA Fall/Winter 2011 collection to the Huffington Post as a mix between heritage and architecture.
"We built a marble stage for our show at Lincoln Center and you could hear her heels walking on the marble, which could have been in an Italian palazzo at Lake Como. She is chic, she is elegant, she is natural. This palazzo could have belonged to her ancestors long ago. The scenery of Lake Como in the Fall, when it is not crowded with tourists, is absolutely breathtaking. The grey stillness of the water reflects throughout the whole collection, like in the wool mohair coat or one of the silk jersey gowns. The classic paisley prints that are played on modern silhouettes show you that she loves what is modern but has an appreciation for the past. A perfect example is when she wears the red velvet gown with silk paisley trim, and throws a motorcycle jacket over it. She is at ease, she knows that she is beautiful and feels cosy in the soft fabrics of fall.”