Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Designer Of The Day: Jason Ebrahimi from Bliss Bijoux

Designer Bio:
Jason Ebrahimi was born in London, England, Armenian as origin and raised in Toronto. From an early age his talents were recognised. He was enrolled in an arts school called Claude Watson School for the Arts and he continued in the arts and graduated from George Brown College, majoring in Advertising as a Graphic Designer.
Jason began his career as that before his jewellery venture. It was merely after a few years into his profession where he felt that he should pursue a passion of his. He got involved in jewellery making classes at Central Tech Arts Institute where he developed a further love for accessories. Getting involved in jewellery seminars in conjunction with his practices has given Jason the opportunity to meet and build amazing relationships with his clients and help them with all their needs. What he enjoys most about working with jewellery is that there are simply no creative blocks! We believe that as one of the emerging designers to date, Jason Ebrahimi has what it takes to continue delivering exciting new collections from his jewellery brand, Bliss Bijoux Paris, and making people fall in love with his creations over and over again!

 1. What inspired you to get into accessories design? I wanted to design jewellery that every girl would want!
 I felt that the trends were too repetitive every year and that nobody was daring enough to push the boundaries. When I design, I am not afraid to make bold statements. Grande is good! I take large steps and absorb the risks involved. There is nothing more beautiful than being spontaneous when designing jewellery.

2. Where did you go to school and what was your major?
I went to George Brown College and majored in Advertising as a Graphic Designer before I expanded my horizons in fashion jewellery. My studies were held at Central Tech Arts Institute, majoring in jewellery design, Canada.

3. Describe your philosophy about fashion?
My philosophy on jewellery is that it should be brainstormed and designed spontaneously without drawing limits. Girls just want have fun so my belief is to emphasize on that and create things vivid, bold, bright and versatile.

4. What words of wisdom can you give to aspiring designers?
Follow your heart and do not fear to push the boundaries in your creations and designs. The only way you will be recognised is to put your fear behind you and get as creative as you can. Sketch all you can, its never enough!

5. Where do you get your inspiration for your designs?
I get my inspiration from everywhere really! Anywhere from colours from abstract art onwards to daily activities and the city life. I strive to execute designs out of the norm, so my inspiration comes in play when i see boring designs which makes me want to make headlines with my product!

6. What is a typical day for an accessories designer like yourself?
Work late, sketch, sketch sketch! I have my drawing pad and I sketch everywhere I go. On the train and even when I drive … just kidding : )
I have a cosy loft in Paris where I live in and which I have also made into my personal workspace. It’s very bright, curtains normally opened to get inspiration from the world outside.

7. Which accessories designers have been important points of reference for you?
The list is heavy but I would narrow it down to Christian Dior for its refined look and bold colours as well as Georgio Armani for its elegant and edgy designs.

8. If you had the opportunity to design an accessory for one person who would it be?
I would say Beyonce because of her flare and exhilarating energy. I would design a ring for her the size of my hand! Like I said, I love bold and have my FUN CRAZY side given I am Armenian :)

9. Can you tell me about your collection?
My collection is widely known for our Swarovski Designs and Custom jewellery including Sterling Silver with precious stones and much more! We like to be one with nature so we choose to use natural stones and crystals in our work.

10. Where can we find your collection? You can find our online collection on