Thursday, 6 January 2011

6 Hot Winter Trends From Topshop

Brrrrr! The temperature has officially dropped and winter is here to stay, at least for a couple more months. Take advantage of the cold weather by wearing this season’s hottest trends. Being in the cold has never looked more hot with Topshop’s stylish winter coats and accessories!

Skirted Coat Trend
This coat style is not only hot right now but it has such a classy cut that you'll be able to pull it off for many more winters to come! For a super dressy approach pair the coat with some over-the-knee boots.
1. Black Skirted Faux Fur Capelet Coat //2. Best Of British - Skirted Coat //3. Best Of British - Heritage Skirted Coat //4. Princess Coat

Over-The-Knee Boot Trend
What’s not to love about over knee boots? This hot trend has the potential to give you super model long legs every time you wear them! The trick is to pair black over-the-knee boots with black leggings for an elongating leg effect.

BARLEY2 Over Knee Leather Boot //2.BUNNY Thigh High Suede Boots //3. PANTHER Stirrup High Leg Boots //4. PERSIA Lace Back Thigh High Boots

                                               Beret Trend
Berets are the epitome of Parisian chic. There is a certain way to wear the beret. Make sure you frame your face by leaving your hair down. Move the beret about an inch or so past your hairline. The trick is to wear the beret in a slouchy position where it’s not pulled too tightly across your head. Just tilt it a little to the side and make sure it hangs down ever so slightly.
1.Cream Contrast Bow Beret //2.Camel Contrast Bow Beret //3. Leopard Print Beret //4. Bow Beret

                                               Fake Fur Trend
From jackets to vests, fake fur is everywhere this season! Maybe it’s a sign of the recovering economy since fake fur is cheaper than the real thing or perhaps it’s a progressive push for the eco-fashion movement, the point is this trend is going strong. Even high-end designers like Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld are pro fake fur. "Technical advances are so perfect you can hardly tell fake fur from the real thing," says Lagerfeld. "Fake is not chic ... but fake fur is."
1. Premium Black Faux Fur Swing Gilet //2.Premium Faux Fur Boxy Coat // 3.Patchy Faux Fur Swing Gilet //4.Patchy Faux Fur Swing Gilet

                             Hats with Ears & Animal Heads Trend
Wearing animal hats is no longer just for kids! This growing trend is now just as popular for adults. Wearing these hats are sure not only keep you warm this winter but also give you the “aww you look so cute factor”! 
1. Brown Animal Face Trapper //2. Black Cat Ear Trapper //3.Oatmeal Cat Ear Beanie //4.Surprised Bear Beanie
Topshop isn't the only place where you can find animal head pieces! Check out these fun animal hats by artistspringboard designer Britt Beale!

Left: Badger Hat                  Right: Bear Hat

                                        Wedged Ankle Boot Trend
A mix between having the comfort of flats and the leverage of high heels wedged boots are quite the hot item this winter season. Wedged ankle boots are great to pair with leggings or skinny jeans for the elongating leg effect.
1. AILISH Wedge Shoe Boots //2.AILISH Wedge Shoe Boots //3.AILISH Wedge Shoe Boots //4.AUDREY Fur lined Wedge Boots