Thursday, 2 December 2010

Designer Of The Day: Bita Pourtavoosi

Designer Bio:
Bita Pourtavoosi has been creating a name in handmade high end
designer jewellery for the past two years. Based in New York, Bita is
at the heart of fashion. She is constantly developing new ideas that
set the scene for upcoming trends. Bita’s fresh and mischievous take
on style blends glamour and class with an over the top artistic and
creative influence, resulting in an exceptional point of view. Her
collections have been featured in many stores and online boutiques
across the country, and have adorned models on runways and photo
shoots of many designers.

Over the years, Bita has developed into an exceptional artist.
Growing up in a Persian-Middle Eastern family and community set the tone for her creative exploration through jewellery design. She has always been very stimulated and intrigued by Ancient Egyptian jewelry as well as Middle Eastern motifs. Her intense study and background in painting has also begun her love of bold colours. Bita’s jewelry collection has created a balanced world between her inspirations and her intense passion for the world of fashion.

“Bita Pourtavoosi” designs are exciting, distinctive, and unusual. They are a celebration of the ever growing and changing attitude that is predominant in
society today. Bita gives the people an outlet to express themselves and their individual personality. Her collection attracts women of all ages and cultural boundaries, often making her items the must-haves of the season.

1. What inspired you to get into fashion design?
I have been a painter since I was at the age of 5. I was always very intrigued by colours and using them in my paintings. As I grew older I used my love for colour in not only painting but in clothes, jewellery, makeup, anything else you can think of. I went to college for interior design, and after freshman year I realised that my love wasn't interior design and that my true love was jewellery making.

2. Where did you go to school and what was your major?
I went to Pratt Institute in New York and my major was Jewellery Making.

3. Describe your philosophy about fashion?
Fashion is extremely important. Fashion a perfect way to express oneself. You can easily describe a type of person by their fashion, and I believe that you can express not only your fashion sense but who you are deep down inside through fashion.

4. What words of wisdom can you give to aspiring designers?
Words of wisdom- NEVER give up. Being a designer is extremely hard work, and the more you are put down the better chance you have to get back up. The harder you work on something, the more you appreciate it. The biggest advice I can give is to thank G-d, or whatever else you believe in every night before you go to sleep thanking for what you have an all your accomplishments, and I guarantee you only good will come from that.

5. Where do you get your inspiration for your designs?
My inspiration comes from my nationality. I am an Iranian Jew and I have always have a great love for Ancient Egyptian jewellery and mosaics that adorn the Middle East. I then take that and mix it with my love of bold colours and fashion and create a line that expresses exactly who I am deep inside.

6. What is a typical day for a fashion designer like yourself?
A typical day, in all honesty is work! I literally work from 9am-11pm 5 nights a week. Being a designer requires alot of work and patience and time, and I have learned to develop myself into a workaholic!

7. Which fashion designers have been important points of reference for you?
My BIGGEST inspiring designer thus far is the jewellery designer Alexis Bittar. He is what has jump started my love for jewellery and creative and out of this world designs. Besides for Alexis Bittar, I love jewellery designers such as Lee Angel, Fenton Fallon, Rachel Roy, Made Her Think, Dara Ettinger, and Karak by Kara Ross. As for clothing, I am not set on any specific designers. I usually purchase more affordable items such as my favourite, Zara, H&M, Forever21, and others. I am absolutely in love with Michael Kors and Tory Burch. Basically anything that is in for the season and affordable so I don't feel guilty that I can only wear it for that season!

8. If you had the opportunity to design an outfit for one person who would it be?
Alexis Bittar!

9. Can you tell me about your new collection?
My new collection is a wonderful spin off from my earlier work. It is more involved, more attention to detail, and more plating choices. There are alot of mixing of metals, different semi precious stones, and more wearable/unique.

10. Where can we find your collection?
New York: Misha Nicole (soho), Adam Marc (soho), Shoegasm (Union Square), Twist (Brooklyn), Add Accessories (Financial District), and Panzai (Fashion District), and more to come soon. In Los Angeles: Flaunt LA (Beverly Hills), Shop Rumor (Beverly Hills), Billy's Boutique (Encino), and Jackeez and Nicolz (Encino). Online;,,,, (coming soon), (coming soon),

Actress Gia wearing Bita Pourtavoosi Hoop Earrings