Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Spiked Fashion Adds a New Meaning to a Killer Outfit

Spiked garments are becoming a hot new trend in the fashion world! Celebrities like Rihanna, Fergie and Kim Kardashian were all spotted rocking fierce spiked creations by a designer duo called The Blonds. It’s no surprise that the designers behind The Blonds brand are just as eccentric as the clothing they produce. So who are these fabulous designers that seemed to have sparked a spiked fashion revolution? Their names are Phillipe Rolano and David Trujillo also known as Phillipe and David Blond. They launched their brand around 2004 and have been producing over the top fashion ever since. The Blonds are most famous for their handmade couture corsets which helped them gain a strong celebrity following.  Would you wear a spiked outfit and if so for what occasion?
Post your comments below! Blonds Fall 2010 Collection
Blonds Fall 2010 Collection
Blonds Fall 2010 Collection 
The Blonds: Phillipe & David