Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The Monday Mix-up

Trilby time.
Leather shorts?!

This summer sun really brings out the beauty in people. People seem to smile more, have a kick in their step and generally seem happier. Times like these call for light and airy clothing with gorgeous design and this weeks mix-up is precisely that.

A Wildfox tee from coggles.com with a gorgeous Reiss blouse accompany a smart cream trilby upstairs. Downstairs are a ratherexpensive but interesting pair of leather (yes, leather) shorts! Wacky and perhaps a little sweaty but really different. The Hush Puppies seemed an obvious choice providing height, comfort and style. Finishing the look is a cheap and cheerful belt from asos.com and a pair of Pixie Lott-esque Ray Bans to make sure you shine as bright as this brilliant British sunshine.