Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Talent in Thomas.

We live in an incredible country with a mass of emerging talent bursting at society’s seams. Fortunately for me, I get to meet these individuals at events such as last months Alternative Fashion Week at Spitalfields.

Thomas Lovegrove
was one of many but his bright and brash sportswear managed to set him apart from a line-up which was mainly composed of fantastical female garments. Lovegrove’s works under his brand title “Thom Will Love” and below are a few pictures of their autumn/winter 2010 collection. A comfortable and cool combination, fusing classic 80’s motifs with more modern and minimalist design. The collection didn’t break any new ground in it’s statement or design, but the point is that it did not entirely attempt to. In this post modern culture it’s extremely difficult to create new paths with every idea so Lovegrove adapted safe ground with slight variations in cut and length here and there, all in all creating a successful blend of old and new.

Something I would most definitely purchase, well done Thom.

Thom Will Love - Au/Wi 2010

Thom Will Love @ AFW 2010