Monday, 29 March 2010

The Monday Mix-up

Loving the leggings

Black & gold

Recently, I was strolling along the Barbican in my home city of Plymouth. It’s a beautiful little area with a wide array of different people, stores, bars and eateries. Very, very picturesque. Made even more stunning thanks to a young lady also strolling along in a number not too dissimilar to this weeks Monday Mix-up. A confident arrangement of black, blue and white. Unfortunately I was in no position to ask for a picture, so I took some mental notes and here it is.

The Diesel dress is a corker and not too pricey, suitable for both summer and winter. Accompanied by a flipping gorgeous Ted Baker jacket which is a little bit more expensive, but well worth it. The heels from Office are a little different, they have that frayed edging which makes the look that little less formal. Knee high leggings seem to be everywhere and this cheap Asos option will do nicely. Finally is the bag and bracelet. The classy oval clutch from River Island is (I’m sure) the very same one our mystery Barbican lady was sporting. And the wide bangle from Accessorize is the perfect final ingredient to all-in-all, a very tasty look suitable for most occasions.

- George Harman