Friday, 26 March 2010

Friday, for him.

The bow tie is back

Roll up the jeans, show off your ankles.

A bit of geek chic this week, starting with a steal at the House of Fraser. This Van Heusen shirt is good quality, well fitted and cheap! 20 pounds for a shirt is a great price anywhere, especially if it’s a well branded item. The jacket from Uniqlo is lovely colour, soft shades of grey will usually compliment most other items and the Asos bow tie will perfectly finish your torso.

Carrot top jeans are gaining strides on the more popular skinny fitting jeans right now. Slightly more baggy around the crotch area, these Topman jeans should still fit nicely around the waist hence the use of braces. Swagger and swoon (to my surprise) is a fantastic accessory website and these braces will definitely add to your gorgeous yet nerdy persona. Thompson’s quality moccasins will draw attention to your feet, make sure to wear no socks or this outfit could well become a disaster. The idea is to look handsome and sophisticated, so I am afraid socks are a geeky downfall.

- George Harman