Friday, 2 December 2011

A Huge Shout Out to Alessia Caliendo for *LittleBlackDress* Our Sponsor for Christmas Gift Giveaway Campaign 2011: T-Shirt Slogan Design Contest

Alessia Caliendo is the sweetest girl I have ever met. Graduated from Accademia della Moda in Naples, Alessia set up her brainchild, LittleBlackDress in 2007. She is an expert in creating modern girly chic style whose designs are a vivid and artistic representation of her personality. In addition to her sunshine smiles, what I miss most about the LittleBlackDress booth at FashionCamp Milano 2011 was a wide range of fashion items designed by Alessia exhibited ranging from the signature slogan and print tees, the colorful tribal print dresses and adorable bikinis to gemstone and gold jewelry. They were all witty and humorous designs yet lovable for girls.

My young Italian designer friend, Alessia Caliendo and her African print dress, I especially love those ethnic patterns and bright and uninhibited color combinations. Alessia is best known for her cheerful and colorful designs which are a true reflection of her personality. Her lively spirit is beautifully reflected in all of her ingenious creations.
Photo taken at FashionCamp Milano 2011

I have got my “Not Interested in Being a Fashion Icon” slogan tee as a gift from Alessia. Slogan tees are one of LittleBlackDress' signature items. Now you get a chance to win your one-of-a-kind slogan tee. Read on.

Many young jewelry designers of Alessia's age are keen on creating collections of fancy, bling bling jewelry intensely embellished with colored crystals or faux expensive diamonds. Alessia's jewelry pieces, nevertheless, are unique in the way that they are made of gold with a simple and clean design. How can't you not fall in love with these cute purse pendant bracelets? I reckon they are the best gift idea.

The designer Alessia herself is the best image girl for her own brand.

LittleBlackDress' brief brand profile: first launched in 2007, the brand represents simplicity, versatility and cosmopolitan elegance. It offers all the must-have items for every modern girl's wardrobe, from slogan tees and sartorial etiquette dresses to accessories of the Italian innovative design tradition, all are designed by the fabulous and talented designer, Alessia Caliendo. After the successful exhibition at FashionCamp Milano 2011, Alessia expands her business into the flourishing market in Dubai while sustaining an outstanding sales performance in Europe.

This Christmas, we are honored to have LittleBlackDress to be our sponsor for the t-shirt slogan design contest. Alessia will award you, the winner the most heart-warming festive gift – a LittleBlackDress slogan tee with your winning slogan printed on it and acknowledge and sell your design on LittleBlackDress' official website. For full contest details, please click to read 3 STEPS TO WIN GV Miao X *LittleBlackDress* – Christmas Gift Giveaway Campaign 2011: T-shirt Slogan Design Contest. We cordially invite you to a creative Christmas experience with us. Take action now!

Photos by LittleBlackDress