Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Welcome On Board!

Artistspringboard boutique is very excited to announce that the latest collections by two brilliant British designers, Vanessa Jordan and Fabryan are now available for purchase on our website. They are both outstanding designers of distinctly different styles. Vanessa's collection has been inspired by a variety of cultural backgrounds and historical themes. It incorporates the flamboyant, decorative style of the Native American Indians, the integrity of biker culture and the theatrical grandeur of gothic fantasy and medieval armour. The collection combines feathers, stingray skin and chainmail with rich, decadent fabrics and dark, brooding leather in a veritable melting pot of style. Vanessa aims to create a fiery chic girl who wishes to stand out from the crowd, and embody the tribal passion and rock 'n' roll spirit passed down from her ancestors. Is that you?

Chainmail Dress from Vanessa Jordan 2011 Couture, merging medieval mystic style, modern chic and sexiness, this transparent racey dress surely attracts the public's eyes.
Feather Jersey Top from Vanessa Jordan 2011 Couture, did this comfy, luxuriously soft jersey top with genuine feather detail remind you of the primitive lifestyle of American Indians?
Goddess Dress from Vanessa Jordan 2011 Couture, this romantic Victorian inspired dress made of paper silk, muslin and calico is my favourite couture piece by Vanessa.
Spiked Leather Jacket from Vanessa Jordan 2011 Couture, wearing such a striking spiked leather jacket blending spiked shoulder detail and decadent stingray skin with a smooth and soft leather shell, you know how fiery chic is created.

Fabryan's designs, on the other hand, dazzle with their luxury features and elegance, which are a perfect match for women who love to underline their femininity and timeless beauty.

Eva Dress, inspired by the classic little black dress, this beautifully tailored dress that hugs the female silhouette with puffball sleeve detail makes a fresh impression at any occasions.
Alana Blouse, this detail-oriented white cotton blouse with cap sleeves and a striking black bow with gathered silk centre trim surely sharpens up your plain business attire.
Scarf collection “Bird of Paradise” in bright colour combinations available for purchase on artistspringboard.com in the next few weeks is an ideal accessory for all time.