Tuesday, 31 May 2011

"All Things Pretty!"

“All Things Pretty” symbolizes the love of Becky Jayne, the owner and creator of the brand, for all things pretty recently introduced to artistspringboard's shop. These pretty bracelets are quirky and individual being one off custom made designs. Effortlessly girly or sophisticated, each design is made from the prettiest beads in existence! These bracelets will be so eye-catching when wearing them everyone will want to know where they are from. The brand is so dedicated to the individual requirements of its customers they will accommodate any requests for new designs or colours. Here are some of the more sophisticated.

These bracelets are the exact opposite of boredom with new bracelet designs made fresh and up to date constantly for the requirements of fashionably vain customers. These customers are not just young girls but designs have been sold as gifts for Mothers Day, for young children as well as for sophisticates in their twenties and teenage girls. There is truly a bracelet created for every occasion and style for anybody who wants a piece of exquisite jewellery to brighten up their outfit and mood accommodated for. Following are some of the brighter girly designs. Why not update your jewellery collection now, with a choice of beads for any mood? See them and shop now at artistspringboard.com