Monday, 18 April 2011

Alice England

As the song by Calvin Harris says ‘It was Acceptable in the Eighties’ and London’s ‘Mr and Mrs Jones’ Collection’ certainly agrees anything goes with daring Lycra mesh and black leather panels on show besides cheeky bright pops of colour that are reminiscent of 80s computer gaming. This collection is not just a call-back to the eighties; it is an update of what it means to be a powerful woman today.

Inspirations for elements like body come from current designers like Herve Leger whilst the skeletal body structure more often seen in the nineties further updates this look as contours and silhouettes are made sharp and distinct. Take a look at the cuts of this fun chequered jacket against a skinny Lycra leotard, whose combination creates an air of androgyny.

Fun is the name of the game here and designs even try to recreate the mad fun of 80s games like Pacman, asteroids and snake in colour panel designs of baby blue, pink and yellow; the familiar toy the Rubix cube’s colours are also mixed into the palette. The black against colour is sexy, vibrant and youth enhancing along with Azzedine inspired curves that come into play.

Inspiration from Mark Fast and Gareth Pugh are easy to see from experiments with volume and structure, which are evident in the three dimensional pieces created to be true works of art. The photographers Rankin and Helmut Newton are other inspirations. Black is used because it is flattering and creates a solid undertone against which other elements, like texture and light, can play. These works of art used solely for the catwalk are being sold on artistspringboard at a reduced price.

If you haven’t spotted it yet you may be interested to know that Grace Jones was a major influence for this collection. Grace’s natural empowerment through the edgy fashion she wore was an inspiration for Alice; and the designer wanted to bring out a sense of fun in her customers. Sexuality and voyeurism are all hinted at through the use of fabrics like leather and fur. There are plans for Alice London to produce a new collection at a later stage that she is working on at the moment.