Friday, 11 March 2011

Heidi Mottram Launches A/W11 Shagreen Eel Skin Purse Collection

Artistspringboard's Heidi Mottram launched her A/W11 Shagreen eel skin collection which was inspired by the texture and history of the Shagreen Stingray.
 The mystique of the stingray has captivated artisans and consumers since ancient times who are fascinated with their primitive, enigmatic beauty and grace. The Heidi Mottram Shagreen collection mirrors the durable, multi-patterned and coloured character of the stingray and features button and eyelet embellishments in a stunning palette of red, light grey and purple. Early civilsations believed the stringray brought strength and power to anyone who handled it – a fitting analogy for the woman who carries a Heidi Mottram Shagreen bag or purse.

This season will also see the launch of a limited edition collection ‘Aurora’ under the label thirty/50 by Heidi Mottram. Inspired by the mystical Aurora Borealis and Aurora the goddess of dawn, the pieces reveal the amazing colours of this natural light display with flashes of fuchia, teal, purple, yellow and light grey on a black body. This collection shows Heidi Mottram’s continual drive to create distinctive, exclusive accessories and the Aurora collection will appeal to every woman who desires an inimitable bag that reflects her personality and style. The collection is limited to thirty bags and 50 purses and each collectable piece will come with a certificate of authentication stating the number.