Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Jimmy Choo Makes Men's Shoes

Exciting news for all my male fashion lovers! Jimmy Choo, the retailer most famous for luxurious women’s shoes is now coming out with a menswear line for autumn/winter 2011.

According to an interview with Jimmy Choo president Tamara Mellon in UK’s vogue.com  “the collection is a mix of both casual and formal styles, featuring high-top cashmere trainers, chunky biker boots and classic menswear designs such as the lace-up oxford shoe and loafers in various colours. Part Bond, part mod, other highlights include the evening slippers, covered in intricate colourful embroidery.”

Personally, I love this new collection for men because it keeps in tact all of the glamour of the Jimmy Choo brand but channels it into the perfect masculine shoe for the dapper male audience.

What do you guys think of the new Jimmy Choo collection for men?
 Would you wear it?