Sunday, 2 January 2011

Bita Pourtavoosi now selling on!

Bita Pourtavoosi is the newest addition to the shop and we couldn't be more excited to have her on board! Her exotic fashion forward jewellery collection is personally hand made by the designer herself using semi precious materials.

 Brand Profile
Bita Pourtavoosi has been creating a name in handmade bridge jewellery for the past two years. Based in New York, Bita is at the heart of fashion. She is constantly developing new ideas that set the scene for upcoming trends. Bita’s fresh and mischievous take on style blends glamour and class with an over the top artistic and creative influence, resulting in an exceptional point of view. Her collections have been featured in many stores across the country, and have adorned models on runways and photo shoots of many designers.
Over the years, Bita has developed into an exceptional artist. Growing up in a Persian-Middle Eastern family and community set the tone for her creative exploration through jewellery design. She has always been very stimulated and intrigued by Ancient Egyptian jewellery as well as Middle Eastern motifs. Her intense study and background in painting has also begun her love of bold colours. Bita’s jewellery collection has created a balanced world between her inspirations and her intense passion for the world of fashion.
“Bita Pourtavoosi” 100% handmade creations are exciting, distinctive, and unusual. They are a celebration of the ever growing and changing attitude that is predominant in society today. Bita gives the people an outlet to express themselves and their individual personality. Her collection attracts women of all ages and cultural boundaries, often making her items the must-haves of the season.