Sunday, 9 January 2011

Artistspringboard’s Heidi Mottram Interviewed by Fiasco Magazine!

Congratulations to our very own Heidi Mottram! She was recently featured in a four page spread for Fiasco magazine. Her exciting and compelling interview included details of her journey as a fledgling accessories designer, what steps she took to succeed, and her future in fashion.

Heidi who is famous for her exotic eel skin bags, purses and wallets recently began using salmon skin in her collection.

“I love eel-skin leather and this is what I specialise in. It is more luxurious than cowhide but is still ethical as it is a by-product of the food industry. I have started to branch out into other fish leathers such as salmon. The salmon is a lot more textured than the eel skin. The eel skin is so soft and takes the colours so well. I try to focus on jewel-coloured skins. I want to try and break away from the all-black bag. Why not add a splash of colour to our daily outfits?”

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