Thursday, 28 October 2010

Morgan De Toi Launches Watches In Time For Daylight Savings

For some of you, don’t forget to change the time on your watch this weekend, October 31st and ensure you make the most of your extra hour by keeping an eye on the time with Morgan de toi! Morgan De Toi watches launched back into the UK for Autumn/Winter. They are an established French brand that burst in versatility, style and creativity. Morgan brings the latest fashion accessories to the high street with over 650 stores in Europe. Check out more available watch styles on:

Tips on using the extra hour effectively:
1. Make the most of the extra hour with extra time for partying into the morning.
2. Spend an extra hour in bed!
3. Overindulge with an extended lunch.
4. Get an early night to prepare for the cold Monday morning ahead.

How will you be using your extra hour? Comment below!