Monday, 27 September 2010

Monochrome watches are super hot

Victoria Beckham's latest designs include shoes which have been meticulously coloured to match her fabulous rose-gold Rolex watch. A stickler for detail, I might gesture.

However, watches are a really hot look this season so be sure to invest. Morgan De Toi have created a gorgeous collection of versatile, trend inspired watches much like these lovely ones by Chanel.

Like the Chanel ones you see they've ticked the trend box for this season's monochrome look and also have a timeless ergonomic look that harks back to the swinging Sixties.

Suiting all occasions, and catering for the individualist in you, these are all good choices to go for. You just need to decide whether to splurge on your credit card or pay cash for the cheap 'n' chic version.

Just make sure your watch is timely and on trend this season.