Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Alternative Fashion Week 2010 @ Spitalfields

Located bang in the centre of Spitalfields Traders Market, London’s annual Alternative Fashion Week commenced last month. Fortunately for me I was lucky enough to be involved in various areas of the show including modelling (which was an experience to say the least!)

The quality of garments and designs on offer from AFW’s designers was staggering and the models were incredible also. It really was a well organised spectacle propounded brilliant work from talent that otherwise could be missed.

A very impressive audience turned out for the event every day at 1.15pm. Photographers galore!

I was truly in my element. Not only able to show off on stage, but also to revel in the amazing work around me. I loved the idea that class and snobbery were nowhere to be seen, instead what was left, were a great bunch of people bursting to show their talent and in exchange, were treated with a rapturous applause instead of the usual fashion week silence.

London’s AFW was fun, feisty and fantastic. It’s a must see for anyone with a spare couple hours in April. I met some very welcoming people, not to mention some very beautiful people at Spitalfields. The more coverage these young, old, new, past-it but incredible designers can get the better. It’s a massive shame we can’t all have the same reputation as Prada so thank God there are shows like the Alternative Fashion Week making sure everyone gets a fair, beautiful and different go at it.

- George Harman