Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Yuma Koshino @ Japan Fashion Week 2010

Yuma Koshino Au/Wi 2010

Japan hosted it’s brilliantly diverse Fashion Week last month. An array of very talented designers showcased their work at it’s capitol; Tokyo and one particular selection caught my eye for this Autumn/ Winter.

Yuma Koshino is a former graduate at Japan’s prestigious Bunka Fashion College. She has worked in France with Kenzo and Japan with visual companies, interior designers and graphic designers. It is fair to say that Koshino has a vast array of fashion knowledge. Her first collection was displayed way back in 1999, ten years later, her Au/Wi collection for 2010 is recognised as some of her best. A beautiful combination of comfort and pure style. Varying straight folds with clean cuts, Koshino’s work is a gorgeous menagerie of luscious material and innovative design.

In this collection colour is essential. Note how the garments all use colours synonymous with Autumn i.e. browns, greens, creams and blacks. Koshino has created a collection any budding female fashionista would be more than proud to wear. Very sexy, very wholesome and very different.

- George Harman