Friday, 9 April 2010

Friday, for him.

Sunshine time!

Low crotch pants...again.

The sun is out, finally. I am not ill any more and the sun is shining! Yesterday I put on some shorts with a vest and took a stroll into the city and harbour to meet some friends for drinks, it was a lovely evening and made me realise my favourite summer outfit. The shorts and vest combination is simple, easy, comfortable and cool. The vest from WESC above is a personal favourite, love the purple on black. Take this top and partner it with some quality shorts, like these from Humour, and you have yourself a good look. Throw on some Sperry boaties, some Ray Ban Wayfarers and a good Diesel Belt and your ready for the streets and the sea. But just make sure the sun is shining when you wear this otherwise you will not feel as good as I did yesterday.

- George Harman