Saturday, 20 March 2010

Vogue Nippon

Vogue Nippon April 2010

Vogue Nippon April 2010

Finally, my account is working! For some bizarre reason the posts have been delayed due to technical hitches.

Here we have a wonderful summery editorial from Japan’s Vogue Nippon. Blaise Reutersward’s photography perfectly capturing a snippet of what 2010’s summer should all be about. Although shot on the outskirts of Tokyo, this is a beautifully classic photo-shoot conveying brilliant British imagery. Swaying dresses and tops complimented by large shady sun hat, Marloes Horst pulls each look off with great feminine swagger. Each photo differs slightly from it’s predecessor, giving an array of possible looks for this summer. So cease the opportunity and really try to look this good outside, you will feel like a million yen!

- George Harman