Friday, 19 February 2010

Survive the Fashion Battlefield

Vogue US March '10

Fashion is an ever-changing material cosmos of colour, shape, trend and style. At the forefront of fashion’s constant changes are the prestigious fashion weeks held across the globe annually and this week, its London’s time to shine. However, prior to my coverage of the fabulous London Fashion Week, I wanted to present a little shorter update on a stunning and different editorial from Vogue US’ March edition.

The shoot is heavily inspired by James Cameron’s 3D epic “Avatar” and first impressions would suggest the inspiration an odd choice, however, the dresses used are truly magnificent in design and define this years’ new wardrobe. Set in a murky, mythic jungle, the set designers have coordinated the use of neutral colours to really emphasize the vibrant garments. McQueen, Balenciaga, Gucci and more all depict a surreal beauty applicable to everyday wear. Unlike Lancome’s Daria Werbowy (above), most of you ladies will not have the chance to strut around an Amazonian catwalk, so take notes from this fantastic edit, dig out your gladiator heels and hit the stores in search of a dress built for comfort and colour, it’s the perfect sunny, summer get-up!

As I flicked past each of David Sims’ photographs, I realised his ability to make normal monochrome combinations look energetic. In no way are the colours used overtly vibrant but the subtlety of their use is perfection, when worn in this manner, the garments reach their full potential. Beautiful short dresses, flowing with loose panels marked with bright greens, pinks, whites and most importantly the faint use of black. Belts have recently made a massive resurgence as “thee” finishing accessory. Mostly always used to break top from bottom, yet in these pictures, notice how the use of darker colours have been used for the same purpose, a bold action which should be used more often by the public. Ignore constant bombardments from your favourite high-street fashion outlets, and use colour to your advantage.

Think classy and fun, bright but restrained, with these trends in mind, you want to big statements with little effort. The streets are a battle for beauty and remember sometimes less is much more.

- George Harman